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13 November 2009

My So-Called LIfe

created by Winnie Holzman

The best television series about being young, and it only made it for one friggin’ season! Why, gods of the FCC and the ratings boards, why? I have so many questions. Did Jordan and Angela make it? Did Brian Krakow let the cat out of the bag? How’s Rickie doing? Did Frozen Embryos go platinum? What other kinds of awesome hookups did Tino have? For those of you who were like, living in a hole for the 90’s, My So-Called Life was the extremely well made television series that starred Claire Danes as Angela Chase, a high school girl trying to find her way. She takes up with a new group of friends, Rayanne Graff (A.J. Langer) and Rickie Vasquez (Wilson Cruz), and pines for dreamy slacker Jordan Catalano, played by a most beautiful Jared Leto. Did you know that every time Jared Leto bats his eyelashes, an angel get its wings? Well, now you do. Leaving cheerleader friend Sharon (Devon Odessa) in the dust and blowing off geeky neighbor Brian (Devon Gummersall) more than the west wind, Angela rebels against her parents, gets into trouble, and generally acts like a teenager, to superb, uniquely honest and realistic effect. What unfolds over the first season is television’s closest thing to a realistic depiction of youth, but I guess people would rather watch Family Matters or Step by Step… My So-Called is unequivocally one of the most brilliant television shows of all time, and the greatest tragedy is the one time a year when I pull out my box set, watch the entire series in two days and get to the last episode. How could the network drop it? Who could take their eyes off this show? Why did it never come back, and why hasn’t Mrs. Holzman made a movie? Set it fifteen years from when the show ended, Ms. H, and try to tell the tale that you envisioned when you first created the show. And if Leto, Danes, Gummersall, Langer, Cruz, and all the rest of the truly marvelous cast were legit lovers of their art form, they would agree in a heartbeat. Anyone who reads this needs to contact Winnie Holzman through whatever means necessary and implore her to make this film. A show that srikes such a profound chord in so many people my age is a testament to its genius, its timelessness, and its ability to peak interest even today. Go now, go.

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