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12 November 2009

Road House

directed by Rowdy Herrington

Pain don’t hurt, and neither does making a film about ass-kicking bar bouncer Dalton (Patrick Swayze in his prime) who takes the roughest job of his career, cracking skulls at the Double Deuce. Violence and out of control hillbillies are the norm at the Deuce, but not if Dalton can help it. When a local crook (does Ben Gazzara ever not look sleazy?) tries to take out Dalton, he puts in a call to his buddy Wade (a low talkin’ Sam Elliott) to help him out of a jam. Ben Stiller modeled his look in Dodgeball after Swayze’s do (excellent Road House homage, Mr. S), and with so much brawling and boozing and cowboy boot as weapon fighting, what else could you ask for? I haven’t watched the movie on cable in a long time (as I have the DVD and watch it often), so I am unsure as to how they treat the most disgustingly awesome line delivered during the final fight sequence in the film, but if you haven’t watched the real version in a while, it’s high time you checked it out again, mijo. Patrick Swayze can make anything look good, and at least we can rest assured in the knowledge that Saint Peter can finally take down the job posting for a cooler at the pearly gates.

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  1. Whenever ya got the time I would like to see if you have any of your purty words for some of my old time favs like starship troopers, Big fish, or fletch. And what ya think about the new bond movies and batman reboots?


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