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29 November 2009

The Royal Tenenbaums

directed by Wes Anderson

If you ask any hipster to name their favorite Wes Anderson film, seven times out of ten they will name The Royal Tenenbaums (narrated by Alec Baldwin). Two times out of ten they will name Rushmore, and the other one percent will name Bottle Rocket because they are the kind of hipster who only likes an artist’s “early work, you know, before they got really big.” While Anderson’s films may stack up differently to different people, there is no denying the wit and magic the director can create. Like a decadent tapestry of colorful dialogue and colorful characters, Anderson’s films are Salinger-esque treasures, so tightly filmed and wonderfully cluttered with detail. No less enchanting is the way in which he wrangles up such a wonderful ensemble to play one of the best (and worst) families in American cinema, the Tenenbaums. Gene Hackman plays Royal, estranged father and lovable jackass whose financial maladies cause him to fake a terminal illness in order to move back into his old family home. The Tenenbaum house soon finds itself filled once again with sons Richie and Chas (widowed, and with two boys of his own), and adopted daughter Margot. Anderson’s lens finds the genius in each performer, especially a Luke Wilson who was skunked for any accolades as oldest brother Richie, a lost man who pines for someone he feels he cannot have. It’s gaudy storytelling mixed with deep personal tragedy, and the result is a film you cannot help but love. Well, well, well, it seems that Dylan Tichenor was on the editing scene for this film as well. That makes how may for him at this point?

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