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10 November 2009

Thunder Road

directed by Arthur Ripley

If Arthur Ripley’s high octane, Robert Mitchum karate chopping, leaded fuel scorcher of a driving movie Thunder Road had to fight Joseph Sargent’s shit hot, Buddy Joe Hooker driving, Burt Reynolds-fest White Lightning, you just couldn’t ask me to place a bet on either side. It’s too close to call, but be sure that you would get your money’s worth out of the price of admission. If I was in charge, double features like this would be a regular occurrence, or an Eddie and the Cruisers/Streets of Fire back to back. It would be awesome! A guy can dream, can’t he? Robert Mitchum had a dream, the story for what would become Thunder Road, the story of Lucas Doolin and his fast living ways. Doolin (a full swagger Robert Mitchum. Is there any other kind?) runs moonshine for his father and wants to keep his little brother (played wonderfully by Mitchum’s actual younger brother, James) out of the family business. When an out of towner tries to snatch up all the local stills and put them under his thumb, old Lucas just can’t abide. On the run from gangsters and cops alike, Mitchum rides the highway to hell with the pedal to the floor. It’s all the badass Mitchum and full tilt driving one film can contain. If it don’t wet your whistle, rent White Lightning, already!

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