What movie was that...?

05 November 2009


directed by Andrew Stanton

How many animated films can you think of that have cinematography giant Roger Deakins acting as a consultant? One? Is it Wall-E, Pixar’s finest, most magical achievement to date? Very good. Gold star. Aside from being an artistic milestone in animated film, Andrew Stanton’s vision is one of the classic films of any genre, one of those films that should have transcended the categories that the good old Academy put in place. Ben Burtt, sound design jedi responsible for most of the awesomest sound effects of the past 3 decades is the voice (and soul) of Wall-E (which stands for Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth Class), the last operating robot responsible for cleaning up the vast junkyard of the planet Earth after humans have split for space. After an encounter with a probe named EVE (Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator) sent to inspect and, hopefully, bring back a biological sign that Earth is fit for life again, Wall-E becomes smitten and embarks on a journey to save his girl and ignite the spark of hope in the flabbed out mouthbreathers cruising around in the final frontier. It’s a chunky, gluttonous technology addicted future that Stanton predicts, and frankly, I can’t fault him on his powers of clairvoyance. Watch out people of Earth, we’re on the motorized walkway to societal obesity, clutching our iPhones in our ever-fattening little hands.

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