What movie was that...?

23 December 2009


directed by Jon Favreau

Buddy is an elf, and quite an odd elf at that. This is because he is really a human, an orphan who crawled into Santa’s sack one Christmas night. Santa has a big heart (of course), and so the boy was raised by the toymakers of the North Pole, but when Buddy grows up, he gets the shocking news. So off he goes, to New York City to meets his father (a grinchy James Caan) and spread a little holiday cheer. It’s slow going at first, but hilarious, and when Buddy sets eyes upon the enchanting Jovey (a wonderful Zooey Deschanel), it’s love at first sight. Will Ferrell is continually willing to do whatever it takes to make the most of a role, and his heart warming and uproarious portrayal of Buddy, the fish out of water, is as funny for a toddler as it is for an adult. Who says you can’t make a movie for everyone?

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