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28 December 2009

Fantastic Mr. Fox

directed by Wes Anderson

I am quite ashamed that it took me so long to see the Wes Anderson stop motion film based on a Roald Dahl classic. Jeez, when you say it in one sentence like that, it sounds too good to be true. Well, I have to say, it almost was! Rocking such voice talents as Bill Murray (hilarious, per usual), George Clooney (with a sugary smooth voice), Meryl Streep (outdoing herself, and in animated form!), Jason Shwartzman (heartbreakingly fabulous), Michael Gambon (full of piss and vinegar)- OK, I’ll stop there, but what about Willem Dafoe (brilliant), and Eric Anderson (wonderful) and even Wes himself as the weasel realtor- sorry. If you haven’t read the book, don’t worry, Wes and Noah Baumbach create a magnificently rich world (has Wes Anderson ever failed in creating a rich and detailed world?) as big as Mr. Fox’s ambition, and succeed valiantly. From the book as title credits opening (see The Royal Tenenbaums for another fine example) to the slam bang finish, virtually every piece of this puzzle is a masterwork, and Wes Anderson’s name will now truly live on in the annals of film history for all time. Thank you, Mr. A, for bringing us some of the most beautifully zany, idiosyncratic, and singularly ornate film stories of the past two decades. May you continue to grace us with magnificent films, and maybe even one day give the world a film version of The Catcher in the Rye (hopefully, the book rights will lapse in time).

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