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04 December 2009

Fight Club

directed by David Fincher

The film that spawned a thousand parking lot brawls and a thousand cubicle fights, David Fincher’s Fight Club is as potent a brew as the Chuck Palahniuk novel itself. Palahniuk gave a name, an outlet to Gen X frustration and flipped conspicuous consumption the bird, and Fincher took up the torch to generate a renegade masterpiece dealing with the young American male predicament. Edward Norton plays a sad sack risk analyst whose life changes after his apartment explodes and he is forced to board with almost stranger Tyler Durden, whom he met on a plane. After a night of drinking the two decide to knock each other around a little bit, and find the experience to be quite cathartic. And so the brainchild of destruction and mayhem was born. When things start getting too big, Norton is left chasing Durden and trying to put on the brakes. Brad Pitt plays Durden with all the chops necessary to create a lasting character (let’s all just try to forget the Benjamin Button fiasco from 2008), and Fincher’s twisted, adrenaline-fueled roller coaster of a film is clever and raw. Be sure to watch out for the subliminal flashes of a pre-meeting Tyler invading Norton’s useless life. Pay attention. I am Jack’s satisfaction at seeing a recklessly vehement rebuke of America’s rampant materialism.

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