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10 December 2009

John and Karen

directed by Matthew Walker

While we are on the subject of the Academy dropping the ball (per usual), let’s take a moment to explore another animated treat skunked for an Oscar nod last year, Matthew Walker’s John and Karen, an endearing story about a polar bear trying to make up to a penguin for his conversational faux pas on a previous date. The tension is hilarious, as is the physical comedy, but Walker never makes the joke about the animals or their comparative sizes. The humor comes from the dialogue, side-splittingly delivered by actors James Bachman and Emma Cunniffe, and the familiarity the subject matter holds for the audience. This film and Jeremy Clapin’s Skhizein were far and away better than most of the short films nominated in the past several years, but who am I to make that call? Geez, BC, why are you spending so much time on short films and commercials lately? Because, good reader, as a lover of film, I should be giving proper attention to other forms of filmmaking long overlooked by the general moviegoer. Have I ever steered you wrong before? Just watch them already.

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