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22 December 2009

Love Actually

directed by Richard Curtis

Love stories abound in this very British, very funny film that revolves around too many plot lines to mention, which ultimately is its downfall. If just a few of the lesser stories had been shaved away, this film could have been exponentially better. It’s still great, however, and well worth watching. Bill Nighy is a comedic treat as aged pop star Billy Mack, who whores himself and one of old hits for a holiday chart topper. Hugh Grant is befuddled and hilarious (per usual) as the newly elected Prime Minister, battling public perception concerning his age and love pangs of his own. Liam Neeson is a widower with a lovesick son, Sam (Thomas Sangster), and Alan Rickman is man with a secret about his marriage. There are plenty more, and while the sheer number work to detract from the power of each story, the film is full of bright moments that make the entire film worth watching. Is it a Valentine’s Day film, or a Christmas film? Why can’t it be both? If Steve Miller can be a picker and grinner and lover and a sinner, then Love Actually can be a film for two holidays.

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