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07 December 2009

The Night of the Hunter

directed by Charles Laughton

Let me tell you the story of right hand and left hand. Robert Mitchum’s knuckle tattoos practically speak for themselves in this super excellent thriller directed by Charles Laughton (go look him up) in which Mitchum plays “preacher” Harry Powell, recently loosed from prison and hell bent on locating the whereabouts of a stash of cash he heard tell from his cell mate before he died. Off he goes a courtin’, and when Powell wins over the cell mate’s widow (Shelley Winters), the only thing standing between him and his treasure are her two kids. Such suspense, such tension, and such Mitchum! Robert Mitchum is hands down one of the best actors of his generation, including lead roles in such seminal films as Cape Fear, Thunder Road (the second best film ever about moonshine liquor) and El Dorado, and he delves deep to deliver the freakiest performance of his career in The Night of the Hunter. Be sure to feast your little eyes on some of the best shot compositions in film (and see where such talents as graphic artist Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez got some of their righteous inspiration).

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