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11 December 2009

The Poseidon Adventure

directed by Ronald Neame

A hard ass Gen Hackman preaches self reliance from the steel pulpit of an ocean liner. Prophetic would be one word to describe it (I would describe it as awesome), but there’s no need to remind the passengers of the capsized ship The Poseidon. What a New Year’s Eve party. As the group struggles to escape through the underside of the massive ship, making it to the engine room where the hull is thinnest, calamities and catastrophes attack like ghouls in a horror film. It’s the nonstop tension and exhaustive perseverance in the face of almost overwhelming hopelessness that makes this a film worth checking out. As much as I love Kurt Russell (you know my feeling about the cult icon) and Josh Lucas, I am going to steer you away from the depressing remake. Only the most die hard and possibly delusional Russell fans will be able to stomach it. Shelley Winters got some award cred for her portrayal of overweight ex swimmer Belle who comes through in a pinch at her own risk, and Red Buttons glows as aging bachelor Martin who lives on a diet of herbal remedies and vitamins. It is impossible to keep down a talent like Gene Hackman, and Neame doesn’t try, instead letting him tower over his peers, even a formidable Ernest Borgnyne as the cop with the sketchy wife. It will leave you breathless, worn out, mark my words, but one thing it won’t leave you as is disappointed.

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