What movie was that...?

17 December 2009


directed by Richard Donner

Bill Murray is the scrooge of all scrooges in the reimagining of the classic A Christmas Carol, playing Frank Cross, mega jackass media tycoon who hates Christmas like it’s his job. The television network for which Frank works is preparing for a live broadcast of the Dickens classic on Christmas Eve, but things get a bit strange when he is visited by his old boss (and dead guy), who tells Frank that he will be visited by three more ghosts before the night is over. I won’t bore you with the details (as everyone knows this story), but leave it to Bill Murray to deliver every time. Murray is as hilarious at being an a-hole (Peter Venkman, Steve Zissou, hello?) as Rodney Dangerfield is at being a ham. David Johanson puts on a great screwball show as the ghost of Christmas Past, Karen Allen glows as Phil’s old squeeze, and wait- who is that I see? Is that- it is! Robert Mitchum! All my holiday dreams just came true!

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