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08 December 2009

The Secret (A Carlsberg Commercial)

directed by Johnny Green

Denmark, 1883. A man jacks a bottle from the Carlsberg Brewery and splits on his horse in the middle of the night. He rides like a bat out of hell through forests, fields, the Industrial Revolution, and even into the realm of claymation! Indescribably cool, though lacking in the voice over department (which could have stood better writing), Johnny Green’s short but epic tale of how Carlsberg made the world a better place by sharing its stellar brewing formula with other manufacturers was developed specifically for the Irish market, but I decided to take a page out of Carlsberg’s book and share it with you. Green’s catalog is impressive, including a very cool Guiness commercial and some marvelous Discovery Channel promos that dazzle the senses. It is quite possible that we are witnessing a resurrection of the wicked commercial. Perhaps I spoke too soon when I likened its kind to the Carrier Pigeon. Enjoy.

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