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02 December 2009

Sexy Beast

directed by Jonathan Glazer

Probably one of the best gangster movies ever, and somehow it slipped below the radar. Jonathan Glazer’s razor sharp film Sexy Beast stars Ray Winstone in his best role, and the most terrifying Ben Kingsley you will ever see (he’ll make you flinch). Winstone plays Gal, retired gangster spending his years in a hot as hell Spanish villa, removed from existence and sharing his time with his wife and one other couple who have also chosen to get out of the business. Things are okay, until a visit from Don Logan (Kinglsey) forces Gal to learn the phrase “no one really quits.” Gal heads back home to London to make one last score and get out from under the thumb of boss Teddy Bass (a steely and stellar Ian McShane). Glazer made quite a name for himself in the music video and commercial circuit (Radiohead and U.N.K.L.E. videos as well as Levi’s commercials) before cutting his teeth in film, and his direction gives the film a rough poetry, a harsh and surreal resonance that will sneak up on you in the dark.

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