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18 December 2009

White Christmas

directed by Michael Curtiz

Ah, White Christmas, Irving Berlin’s classic song was such a hit in Holiday Inn that it got its own movie. Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye sing, dance and scheme their way through a Technicolor dream come true. Wallace and Davis (Crosby and Kaye) are a showbiz duo who plot to put on a massive reunion show in Vermont to defibrillate their old General Waverly’s hotel business. Aiding the men are the Haynes Sisters (Rosemary Clooney and Vera Ellen), two fellow schemers who find themselves hired to play the vacant resort. Do I smell love in the air? Of course I do, it’s a classic Hollywood holiday musical, complete with all the wonderful bells (silver, of course) and whistles (Bing Crosby’s, of course) you would expect from such a work. Dean Jagger beautifully underplays his role of the good general (which is a feat in itself when you have to share screen time with the likes of Danny Kaye) and it proves very fruitful for such a skilled actor. It’s like enjoying a candy cane that never gets all sharp and pokes the inside of your mouth.

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