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25 January 2010

Crazy Heart

directed by Scott Cooper

Jeff Bridges drinks like a fish and charms like a fox in this yarn about an aging country singer and the various relationships orbiting his broke, nomadic life. Bridges is Bad Blake in every sense of the word, embodying the spirit of true country music like the Hank Williamses and Waylon Jenningses that came before him, and if Jeremy Renner (I know, I fixate) couldn’t even be friggin’ nominated for a SAG best actor award, then Bridges deserved it. And holy hell, does Bridges sure look like Kris Kristofferson at times or what? We first glimpse Bad Blake pulling himself out of his old truck and dumping a jug of piss onto the asphalt of a bowling alley parking lot. “Another fucking bowling alley,” Bad moans (cue creepy, geeky laughter from the Lebowski fans in the audience) before walking in and putting on a genuine grin for the proprietor. Blake is on the down and outs after his apprentice, Tommy Sweet (Colin Farrell? Hmm, interesting casting), stole the show, leaving him trolling around the South and playing minuscule venues. Blake is not above using his celebrity to get free booze and nookie, but when he meets journalist Jean (a sweet Maggie Gyllenhaal), he is smitten. Robert Duvall pulls a Guy Pearce and totally nails another minor role that proves so very crucial. Bravo, Mr. D. Featuring wonderful, horizon-heavy panoramas of a romantic landscape and a wonderful score, Crazy Heart shines its light on the weather-worn terrain of one man’s life and helps us find the Bad Blake hiding inside all of us.

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