What movie was that...?

14 January 2010


directed by The Speirig Brothers

First of all, let me preface this review by officially saying that the film Daybreakers was not a good film. Okay, now that I got that out of the way, Daybreakers was awesome! The Speirig Brothers have cooked up a piece of B movie gold that couldn’t come at a better time. Award season is upon us, breeding false airs and a general snobbery that Daybreakers seeks to bitch slap with all the cheap scares and faint allusions to the oil crisis it can muster. The film by Michael and Peter Speirig is also the cure for that cursed Avatar disease everyone seems to be coming down with (apparently, there are precious few of us who are immune). Daybreakers takes place in a near future when being human is passé. It’s ten years from now, and the whole world has gone vampire (being human was so last century), but the world’s supply of blood is running seriously low. Most humans are being harvested for their blood, while some vampires have started feeding on themselves and mutating into grotesque bat people. Enter Ethan Hawke, who brings his hurt little boy A game to the role of Edward, vampire scientist working on a blood substitute. When he encounters an ex-vampire named Elvis (yep, ex-vampire), the ragtag team hope to turn the tables on those suckers (puntastic!). Willem Dafoe (Elvis) seems to be having more fun that should be legally allowed, and don’t we all deserve a bit of good, old fashioned entertainment? A movie having this good of a time brings old favorites to mind, classics like The Lost Boys and Alone in the Dark. Don’t take it too seriously, just get on board and enjoy the ride.

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