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30 January 2010

The Departed

directed by Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorsese has been cranking out classics like clockwork for nearly four decades, and like a fine wine, he just seems to get better with age. Like Danny Boyle, Martin Scorsese wears his heart on his cinematic sleeve, his passion for creating a dialogue with his audience clear and sincere. For The Departed, Scorsese channeled the gutsy grit of his youth to tell the tale of an informant, a crooked cop, and a slum lord named Frank Costello. Jack Nicholson gives Costello the power to knock your teeth out with a look, and Matt Damon is slime incarnate as Mick cop and double agent Sullivan. Leo, Scorsese’s new muse and star of four Marty films, digs into the role of Billie Costigan, phantom cop, informant and Frank’s newest chum. DiCaprio brings a bruised defensiveness to Costigan that plays like music against the hard as nails cops and gangsters circling him like sharks with blood in their snouts. Alec Baldwin and Mark Wahlberg bring their best to minor but crucial roles that pay dividends. If there were such a thing as a pissed-offedness meter, Mark Wahlberg’s would constantly be in the red zone as Staff Sergeant Dignam, who looks, walks and talks as if he is ready to punch someone through a wall at any given moment. Vera Farmiga nails the role of Madolyn, love interest to Damon and DiCaprio, and Kevin Corrigan makes everything better (Buffalo 66, Pineapple Express, the commentary for Pineapple Express). Last but not least is the fantastic Ray Winstone, tapping into his stellar performance from The Proposition to find the exhausted rage of a career pit bull. While I do love the original Chinese version, Infernal Affairs, starring the always excellent Tony Leung, there is something about the Marty Scorsese and William Monahan combo that draws me in.


  1. so is there anyone else who stars(ed) in as many scorsese films as leo? I know some actors and directors like to work together, but this is crazy... does scorsese just kinda get "stuck" on a particular actor for awhile?

  2. Maybe they are just filmic soul mates, like Tim Burton and Johnny Depp. Those two have made like fifty five films together, but it just seems to work. I think Scorsese likes to work with familiar actors, and when he finds actors as talented as De Niro and Leo, it helps him to explore their talents. De Niro's performances only seemed to get better the more he worked with Scorsese, as seems to be the case with Leo, as well. I can't say I am as excited for Shutter Island as I was when I first saw the trailer for The Aviator or The Departed, or even Gangs, but I am still excited.


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