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17 January 2010

The Golden Globe Robbery

I really hate to break symmetry here, but what were you thinking, Hollywood Foreign Press? James Cameron, best director? Frankly, that’s a lot of bull, sirs and ma’ams. You mean to tell me that you spent time watching both Avatar and The Hurt Locker, and you decided that special effects count as good filmmaking and that actual good filmmaking doesn’t count? What is this, opposite day? I am very happy that Christoph Waltz took home a Globe for best supporting actor, but seriously, how was he not going to win that one? That would be like a modern army equipped with advanced weaponry losing to an army of bow and arrow carrying- aww, dammit!
Jeff Bridges winning for Crazy Heart, when Jeremy Renner wasn’t even mentioned? Fine. Whatever.
I am glad that Mo'Nique won for Precious. Nice call, HFP.
And WTF? James Cameron takes home the Best Picture Globe? Did everyone drink the Benjamin Button Kool-Aid again this year? I’m a little upset that Up in the Air beat out Inglourious Basterds and The Hurt Locker for best script, when it was clearly a film that had to lean on its actors to deliver a quality film. That’s not to detract from the truly amazing performances in that film, it is just something I am pointing out to get you to really stop and think about every component of a film, not just passively watching it and saying ok, that was good.
Kathryn Bigelow, Jeremy Renner, Mark Boal, all three of you are number one in my book. With a bullet.
And how did Where the Wild things Are and Fantastic Mr. Fox, two of the best films of the decade, hardly get nominated for anything? Did the HFP come down with awesome stuff amnesia this year? Did they forget that Spike Jonze and Wes Anderson both delivered masterpieces to the world less than four months ago? It’s a shame, that. I suppose there can’t be justice for everyone during award season.
I hope your Golden Globes fall off your giant mantle and concuss you, Mr. Cameron.

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