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28 January 2010

Man on Wire

directed by James Marsh

The story of Phillipe Petit and his bold endeavor is as grand and charming as his personae, and James Marsh’s elegantly marvelous doc tackles the story with whimsical verve. In 1974, Petit, a performer and showman, plotted and pulled off the most daring (and illegal) tightrope walk known to man, between the roof tops of the twin towers. As the amazing story of the historic walk unfolds, Petit regales the stories of his past and previous walks, including a walk between the spires of Notre Dame and on Australia’s Sydney Harbour Bridge. The story sounds like bad television if it wasn’t absolutely true, a plan hatched in a different time, a simpler time. Beautiful and graceful, Marsh leaves you hoping beyond hope for the next Petit performance.

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