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15 January 2010

Role Models

directed by David Wain

Remember The State? Wet Hot American Summer? It’s ok if you don’t, though both of those should go on your homework list. What matters is that David Wain, cult comedian extraordinaire, has spun a hilarious yarn and filled it with some of the funniest actors out there right now (too bad he couldn’t find room for Zach G and Danny McBride) and managed to blend sentiment with crude, sidesplitting humor. Merci, Mr. W, for the inspired pairing of the amazingly funny Paul Rudd, and the oft-underrated Seann William Scott (you know, Stifler?) with uber-nerd Christopher Mintz-Plasse (turning out a subtly complex performance worthy of much praise) and Bobb’e J Thompson (foul mouthed and fabulous). Rudd and Scott have been court ordered to participate in Sturdy Wings (a Big Brother style program) instead of going to prison. Yes, they learn things about one another and about themselves, but those of you who wrote this off as cheesy comedic pap need to have another look. Rudd is incredibly great in anything he attempts, whether it’s a turn on Friends (as Phoebe’s flame) or the loose cannon Brian Fantana in Anchorman, and Scott never fails to get a laugh (please don’t try anything serious again, Mr. S). If you do remember those titles I mentioned, you will be pleased to see the excellent Ken Marino (check out Ken’s film Diggers, by the way. It also stars Paul Rudd and is quite good), Kerri Kenney, a goofy Jo Lo Truglio and even David Wain himself. Game face, bro. Check it out.

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