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20 January 2010

A Single Man

directed by Tom Ford

To call Tom Ford’s debut film gorgeous wouldn’t come close to doing it justice. Stunning, maybe. A Single Man focuses its lens on George Falconer (a stellar Colin Firth), a grieving English professor planning to make this particular day his last. As clocks tick away the various encounters that comprise George’s November day in L.A., we glimpse both his past with lover Jim (is Matthew Goode ever not wonderful?), his present with friend Charley (Julianne Moore is fantastic),  a student named Kenny who takes a personal interest in his guarded demeanor, as well as the large and small interactions that are normally taken for granted. If you took all the films of the past 12 months and put them in a room together, Ford’s film would be the beautiful, charming one that all the other films want to be friends with. Every single frame is immaculate, as if Ford continually anticipated the rest of his project hinging on showing the producers any random scene at any moment. The result is a film that relishes in every instance, every nuance, every texture. You won’t be able to take your eyes off it.
Note: Let me know what you thought of the end. I would love to discuss it.

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