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08 January 2010

Top Gun

directed by Tony Scott

That’s right Ice Man, I am dangerous. Man, that Maverick is such a maverick in Tony Scott’s mach-awesome action film Top Gun, in which Tom Cruise (aww, look at the little guy) is out to prove his rep in the elite flight school bearing the same name as the title. Things get complicated when he gets the hots for teacher (Kelly McGillis), and- come on, you know the plot. King of the 80s soundtrack Kenny Loggins put his foot to the floor for Danger Zone, outdoing his previous work for Footloose and Caddyshack and hitting the stride heard later in Over the Top. Well well well, it seems that Mr. Jerry Bruckheimer had something to do with this film, too. It’s like he learned almost all the secrets to producing a good movie, then killed his sensei before he could teach Jerry the five point palm exploding heart technique. For shame, Mr. B. You must now wander the earth as a ronin, not proud enough to commit seppuku. Bruckheimer’s plight does not change the fact that Tony Scott’s stellar action film is super kick ass and rocks an awesome cast, including a too cool Val Kilmer, lovable Anthony Edwards and a straight lace Tom Skerrit (is there any other kind?). Whew, this many pairs of aviator sunglasses in one film should be illegal. Check it out, or I’ll have you flying a cargo plane full of rubber dog shit out of Hong Kong!

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