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17 January 2010

Training Day

directed by Antoine Fuqua

Antoine Fuqua’s film about one day in L.A. as seen through eyes of officer Hoyt (a naïve and wonderful Ethan Hawke) is one of the best films of the decade, not to mention one of the best cop dramas ever made. Denzel Washington gives his best ever performance (followed closely by such powerhouse roles as Jake in He Got Game, Malcolm X in the film of the same name and my personal favorite, Parker Barnes in Virtuosity) as narcotics detective Alonzo Harris, the larger than life head of an elite unit of which Hoyt wants to be a part. If he can survive his training, that is. Hawke and Washington have chemistry like nobody’s business, and brace yourself, because Cliff Curtis will blow your mind as Smiley (if you can, watch the deleted scene on the DVD in which Hoyt talks to Smiley at his house. Best thing ever).  Hats off to David Ayer for hitting a homerun with his hypnotic and textured script, and I can forgive Mauro Fiore for his Avatar trespasses by virtue of his exemplary work in Training Day. You got mad squabbles, Mr. Fuqua. Please, give us more films like Training Day. The world already has enough Shooters out there.

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