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15 February 2010

The Adventures of Pete and Pete

created by Will McRobb and Chris Viscardi

Two Petes, one family, a zillion adventures. After seeing Damien Young utterly wasted as a smarmy politician in Edge of Darkness, I got to thinking about one of my favorite childhood shows, not to mention one of the finest television shows of all time, The Adventures of Pete and Pete. With a guest cast list that reads like a who’s who of the cool indie world, including a hilarious Iggy Pop, a genuine Steve Buscemi and a kooky Michael Stipe, The Adventures of Pete and Pete tapped into the agonies and angst of adolescence in way unlike any of its predecessors or successors. Michael C. Maronna is big Pete Wrigley, grappling with love, relationships and self identity, while his little brother, Pete (played to perfection by Danny Tamberelli) wants to make a name for himself, to know the world and tame it. Assisting and impeding them in their endeavors are a group of friends and influences so diverse and wonderful that to list them all in one place would seem totally absurd. To name a few: Pit Stain, Open Face, Paper Cut, Artie (the strongest man in the world), Mister Tastee, Ellen, Nona and a personal favorite, Endless Mike (Rick Gomez, you are amazing). Then there’s bus driver Stu Benedict (a heart breakingly bonkers Damien Young), ever pining for his lost love, Sally Knorp. A show so filled with such magical, surreally unique moments as to rouse the most forlorn pangs of nostalgia in even the hardest of hearts should have proven more than enough for wise old Nickelodeon to release the entire series on DVD (tear). But no, apparently the gods of showbiz felt that would be too costly. Perhaps it's part of the International Adult Conspiracy. Speaking of this sore subject (for me, that is), whatever happened to releasing another Nick treasure, Salute Your Shorts? And Hey Dude, for that matter? Come one, people, join me in hassling Nick until they release these shows. We want our shows, dammit!

Who was your favorite Pete and Pete character?

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