What movie was that...?

15 February 2010


directed by David Hand

Not only is Bambi a true classic in every sense of the word, it is also a fantastic depiction of a family unit in the 1940s. I imagine that children and parents would have found a lot of similarities between Bambi’s wilderness upbringing and their own lives during that time in America’s history: a child raised by his mother, father absent as a result serving his duties to his land. Living amid the threat of a foreign force invading the quiet protection of the forest, for the forest creatures it’s the intrusive civilization of Man, but for America, the threat of Nazism. Topical yes, but what endures well beyond WWII is the story of bonds forged and tempered by shared experience, of a collective culture insulated yet vulnerable to outside treacheries and carelessness. Bambi is a powerful story of family ties and loyalties that run deep, and that scene in which Bambi and his mother run from the meadow after hearing the sounds of men is just spectacular.

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