What movie was that...?

10 February 2010


directed by Jason Bloom

The finest Pauly Shore film in existence is also another fine piece of ridiculous 90s nostalgia, much like PCU or The Jerky Boys, in which the director’s lens captures and preserves another time, begging us to ask the question, “WTF were we thinking?” I’m not sure that we were doing much of that at all, for that was a time of great lapses in judgment, from the wildly unsuitable but always fun indiscretions of the MTV Spring Break week to the chair throwing, clothes tearing chaos of Jerry Springer, those years represented the “Hey, it’s no big deal” sentiment of the Clinton era mixed with the ever shrinking attention spans of Gen X and Y. Hell, If Bio-Dome is one of your favorite movies, I’ve probably lost you already. Stay with me: Bud (Pauley Shore) and Doyle (a mind numbingly stupid, and hilarious, Stephen Baldwin) sneak into an experimental biosphere project to prove to their girlfriends that they care about the environment. I didn’t ask for a judgment on the quality of the plot, here, I just asked you to stay with me. While inside the dome, Bud and Doyle frolic and screw around like idiot kids in a candy store, much to the dismay of the alleged scientists inside. Nobody does the effeminate pixie man like The Weasel, and as far as I’m concerned, Baldwin’s best role beside his McManus in The Usual Suspects is Doyle. Watching Bio-Dome is like setting the way back machine to a time when the livin’ was easy, to quote Sublime. 

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