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17 February 2010

The Burbs

directed by Joe Dante

I hate cul de sacs. There’s only one way out and the people are all weird. Well, they may be weird, but they’ve never been more hilarious than the nutjobs in Joe Dante’s The Burbs. Tom Hanks is Ray, living the lame life in suburban America, until he sees his neighbors doing something fishy in their yard. With the help of goofball Art (an awesome Rick Ducommon), military nut Mark (a crazed and funny Bruce Dern) and slacker teen Ricky Butler (Oh Cory Feldman, how I love thee), the men try to investigate and uncover the ridiculous truth. Things go from outrageous to even more outrageous, but it never stops being funny. This is one of those movies that I am always in the mood for, no matter what. They don’t make em like they used to, and maybe that’s part of the magic of films like these, rainy day classics (I know I described another Dante film, Explorers, as possessing a similar quality) that never get old. 

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