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04 February 2010

Edge of Darkness

directed by Martin Campbell

Let me be clear: I am not reviewing the newest William Monahan/Martin Campbell schlockfest because it was good. I am reviewing it because it was bad in all the right ways. Mel Gibson, rocking a crazed rage he usually reserves for fans of the Old Testament, is ridiculous as Bahston cop Craven (wtf on the name? Oh, right, it was based on some 1985 tv series) whose daughter gets whacked in one of the stupidest, bloodiest and shittiest attempts at an assassination in corporate history. Oh, did I just give anything away? Hell no, because the script by Monahan is absurd at its best, and fucking absurd at its worst. But Danny Huston is awesome as weirdo boss Jack Bennett, obsessed with death as much as he is with thinly veiled allusions to government secrets. And so is Ray Winstone, proving once again how indispensible he is to any project. Ray Winstone could sit in a chair and tell stories, Gregory Peck style, and if you filmed it for three hours, I would watch it. If Campbell's film was a drink you ordered at the bar, you would initially be pissed that the bartender fixed you such cheap tasting swill, but after a few sips you’d say fuck it and let it get you stupid drunk like cheap drinks should. I have a soft spot in my heart for plastic booze bottle drinks, and I have a special place in my heart for shit-great films that strive for profundity but are so far off that they just leave me baffled. That being said, if I am flipping through the channels one night in the future and this pile is on, I just night might put the remote down and give it another watch (depending on how many beers I’ve had).
Note: What was with that scene when Craven notices the SUV in the parking lot? All I could see was a big SAG license plate frame on that one car. Were you filming pickups outside in the fricking back lot, Martin Campbell? And seriously, the whole plot was so dumb it was insane. If you watched it, let me know and we can talk about it. 

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