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15 February 2010

Hamlet 2

directed by Andrew Fleming

Steve Coogan should have received an Academy Award for his inspired and uproarious portrayal of a failed actor turned drama teacher in Tucson, Arizona, a drama teacher who helms an ill conceived plan to put on a sequel to Hamlet. Yes, I said a sequel to Hamlet, the Hamlet, the one written by Will Shakespeare himself. I’ll let that sink in. Coogan plays Dana Marschz, who finds his drama class has grown from 2 to 30 as a result of school district budget cuts and receives a bolt of creative lightning, penning the sequel himself. The laughs are so wrong they are right, and Coogan’s facial expressions are priceless gems meant to be treasured for all eternity. The humor of Hamlet 2 is an older breed, a silly, irreverent species with which we have lost touch over the years, but writers Pam Brady and Andrew Fleming find a way to make it work like crazy. Catherine Keener is great as Dana’s scathing wife, Elizabeth Shue is adorable as herself, and David Arquette does a hilarious impression of what he thinks “normal” people act like (check his posture at the Mexican restaurant). Regardless of what you think, once the play starts with a Rent style musical sequence bout being “raped in the face” and erupts into a ridiculous medley about a sexy Jesus, a Stars Wars meets Back to the Future style action plot (complete with its own slow-mo sequence) and a chance for Hamlet to find redemption, even the naysayers will get on board. And what excellent wire work!

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