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15 February 2010

Joe Versus the Volcano

directed by John Patrick Shanley

Tom Hanks is Joe Banks, the hang dog, rain at a picnic ex fireman turned hypochondriac who heads to the doctor for a test and finds out he has a brain cloud. What is a brain cloud? Watch the film for details, but John Patrick Shanley’s tale of making the most of every day and each man’s quest for significance is as comically endearing as it is entertaining. And Sleepless in Seattle fans slash You’ve Got Mail fans will do well to fix their peepers on the first Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan (playing multiple roles to perfection) film. And Lloyd Bridges’ miniature role is tremendous in every way possible, playing a man who charges Joe with a most unusual task. It has to be seen to believed, and a film this quirky and ambitious should never be neglected. Nobody puts Joe Versus the Volcano in the corner! 

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  1. It's nice to find somebody else who likes this film, I posted about it on my blog recently and some people had never heard of it.
    JVV is easily my favourite of the 3 Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan films.


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