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04 February 2010

The Proposition

directed by John Hillcoat

Nick Cave’s tale of brother against brother in the land of outlaws is severe and horrific, not to mention amazing. One of the finest modern westerns, Hillcoat finds the inner and outer horror of the human condition. Guy Pearce is outstanding as Charlie Burns, charged with finding his older brother in exchange for his younger brother’s release. Danny Huston is chilling as Arthur Burns, the bad seed living in the hills with a gang of misfits and psychos, and Ray Winstone is the wretched embodiment of a wasted vision, a fresh hell sprawled out over the guise of expansion, of civility. To watch Winstone act is to watch a unique and rare talent, an actor who can bring immeasurable depth to a character that you don't just see, you feel inside yourself like some sort of primitive, universal truth. Emily Watson is phenomenal as Winstone’s wife, an immaculate flower amid the devastation of Man’s core. Rough stuff, indeed, but wondrous. 

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