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11 February 2010

Roger & Me

directed by Michael Moore

Roger & Me, the doc that launched rotund muckraker Michael Moore into the limelight is as topical now as it was 20 years ago. Armed with a camera, a question and a dopey look, Moore seeks to secure a meeting with GM CEO Roger Smith to ask him “why?” Peppering his unsuccessful attempts is a history of the automotive industry in Michigan, the rise and fall of Flint Michigan (Moore’s hometown) and a general overview of Big Three mismanagement and the devastation they have caused. Like all Moore films, and like all documentaries, he has a particular opinion on the whole mess, an opinion that could be considered an overarching theme that spans his body of work. America bad, other places good. Moore criticizes because he loves, and while some may call his tactics shady and outlandish, they would have to concede that they are also effective. It’s a shame Mr. M so closely resembles Peter Griffin (was that deliberate, Mr. Seth MacFarlane?), but I’m glad we have Michael Moores in the world.

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