What movie was that...?

26 February 2010


directed by Greg Mottola

Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg, stoner geniuses who brought us Pineapple Express, take the 24 hour plot structure and twist it into one of the funniest films in years, Superbad. From the amazingly hilarious opening credits (nice dance moves) to the neat package of an ending (which I can forgive), Superbad is a crass, vulgar, foul mouthed and excellent addition to the comedy genre, a timeless tale of teenage angst and the quest for booze and nookie. Michael Cera and Jonah Hill play two of the said questers, accompanied by a brilliant Christopher Mintz-Plasse, out to score big by supplying an entire party with booze and, hopefully, winning the hearts of the objects of their affection. Seth Rogan originally intended to play the role of Seth (played by Jonah Hill), but he looked a bit old (even though he’s always looked 30 years old, even in Freaks and Geeks). Just as well, because Jonah Hill is a cussing genius (a little Fantastic Mr. Fox lingo for that ass!), and Michael Cera stammers his away into our hearts as Evan (oh, I get it. Seth and Evan, like the writers. Subtle.) , not to mention the amazing talent found in Mintz-Plasse, channeling Anthony Michael Hall circa Sixteen Candles like nobody’s business. It’s old school turned proto-new school, the bridge between American Pie and Pineapple Express. And I’ve said it before, Kevin Corrigan just makes everything better!

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