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15 February 2010

Way of the Gun

directed by Christopher McQuarrie

Yes, we all know that McQuarrie’s script for The Usual Suspects was great, and that Benicio Del Toro's acting choices in that film were even greater, but what about Way of the Gun? McQuarrie’s Way is miles beyond the usual crime film, it is a testament to the professionally unsympathetic and the career unsavory of the world. Ryan Phillippe and Benicio Del Toro play a pair of scoundrels looking to score by any means necessary, and when the opportunity to hijack a surrogate mother arises, they jump at the chance to score big. When father to be Hale Chidduck (Scott Wilson) gets wind of the kidnapping, he sends bag man Joe Sarno (how good is James Caan?) to get the skinny and fix the situation. Double crosses, hidden agendas and sub schemes threaten to gum up the works, but McQuarrie pulls it off like a champ, creating a story in which the main characters are completely, unapologetically unsympathetic in any way, but you find yourself kind of rooting for them. Nice work, Mr. M, you took noir to the next level.

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