What movie was that...?

27 February 2010


directed by Ruben Fleischer

Zombie fans will enjoy Ruben Fleischer’s super entertaining comedy about life in a post infected Land of Liberty, but purists will hate the fast moving, emoting brain eaters. Don’t be so uptight! Woody Harrelson is golden as Tallahassee, a half bonkers, half nutbag survivor who begrudgingly teams up with by the book Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg, stealing all of Michael Cera’s moves. For shame!) to whoop a little zombie ass and hunt down some Twinkies. Columbus and Tallahassee run into a bit of trouble when scamming sisters (Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin) jack their ride and bear west, heading for an amusement park that rumor has it is free of the infected. It’s 28 Days Later meets Shaun of the Dead in all the goofiest ways, and those of you looking for empirical data to support my “Zombieland is awesome” conclusion need to look no further than the truly fantastic cameo that marks the film’s high point. I refuse to give it away, but I want to so badly!
Rule #32- Enjoy the little things.
Rule #33- Well conceived zombie comedies are excellent.

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  1. wow, exactly how i thought of this movie. friggin awesome, and why they just didnt get cera to play the main part. plus the cameo was awesome, one of my favorite actors!


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