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24 March 2010

Blood Into Wine

directed by Ryan Page and Christopher Pomerenke

Famed rockstar Maynard James Keenan (you know, Tool? A Perfect Circle? Pucifer?) decides he wants to start a vineyard in Arizona’s Verde Valley region. Yes, the sentence you just read is real, and so is the pleasantly surprising doc about Maynard’s quest to bring his vineyard, his wine, and his dreams to fruition. Aiding him is wine mentor and general laid back guy, Eric Glomski, who owns a vineyard of his own just down the way from Maynard’s Caduceus vineyard. Eric’s is called Page Spring Cellars, by the way, and together they form The Arizona Stronghold. As Ryan Page and Christopher Pomerenke follow Maynard through a harvest, they discover the not so whimsical nature of this passion and find, at the core, a person seeking to cultivate from the ragged Arizona landscape a visceral reality. Wine lovers should dig this vintage just as much as lovers of all things Maynard. And the scene in which Maynard speaks to a group at an unveiling, in a Fred Flinstone tie!, is absolutely priceless. Set the time machine for the early 90s and imagine picking up a tape titled Opiate by some new band called Tool, and instead of the trippy design on the cover, you saw that image. Tool, like Maynard’s other musical projects, have managed to cultivate and maintain a mystique that he has no intention of exploding in this film, but probably the most surreally entertaining (and telling, concerning Maynard’s sense of humor) sequence in the whole film is when Maynard and Patton Oswalt (?) sit around and sip wine while Oswalt makes cracks about the middle syllable of Caduceus sounding kind of like “douche”, then launching into a joke as film pitch about a gunslinger wine snob. Okay, I’m done giving away strange and excellent parts of this doc, but trust me, give it a whirl. You may find a new respect for the old vino. At the very least, it may just make you want to pop in some old Tool tapes and get loose.

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