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23 March 2010

Buffalo '66

directed by Vincent Gallo

I’ve been reluctant to review Vincent Gallo’s strange and enjoyable film, Buffalo 66, since I began reviewing films. It’s not because I hate the film, it’s just that Vincent Gallo kind of strikes me as the sort of guy who scans the internet looking for disparaging remarks cast about his work and actively hunts such remarkers down. For the record (Mr. G): I liked Vincent Gallo’s film, Buffalo 66. Ben Gazzara is sleazy and wonderful, Kevin Corrigan is perfect (per usual) and Christina Ricci is excellent as Layla, impromptu  girlfriend to Billy, off-kilter ex-con fresh out of the joint and hatching a revenge plot as ill advised as his dinner plans. It’s a nutso love story that only a true lunatic could cook up. Totally worth it.
P.S. I really do like your films, Mr. G. Please don’t find me in the middle of the night with crazed, hate-blackened eyes.

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