What movie was that...?

01 March 2010

Dirty Dancing

directed by Emile Ardolino

It’s Nineteen Sixty-whatever, and Frances “Baby” Houseman heads to upstate New York to spend the summer with her family at a resort. And what a summer it will be… Enter the dreamiest dance teacher to ever partially button up his shirt, Johnny Castle, who teaches Baby how to shake what her momma gave her. And shake it she does, telling Papa not to preach while she has the summer of her life. Did I mention how dreamy Patrick Swayze is as Johnny? Yes, BC, you seem to have an unhealthy affection for Patrick, and who could like Point Break that much? I do, dammit! Nobody puts Swayze in the corner! Anyway, aside from the soundtrack being totally boss, and Jennifer Gray being totally cute, and Patrick Swayze being totally able to make the hardest heart swoon, Dirty Dancing is totally great in its ability to make even those who never experienced the 60s feel nostalgic for it nonetheless. 

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