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24 March 2010

Heavenly Creatures

directed by Peter Jackson

The story of two school friends that begins with a fantasy world and ends in savage murder is pure heaven when spun by Peter Jackson, lord of the creature film and mastermind of the greatest fantasy series film adaptation ever! But enough about LOTR (if you aren’t familiar with that acronym, just go find the geekiest kid you know and ask him to decipher it for you), the real gem of Jackson’s career is Heavenly Creatures, starring the always miles beyond other actresses talent of Kate Winslet, who befriends another girl at school and crafts an elaborate imaginary world. To get into too much detail would only serve to ruin the mystique, but Jackson’s early film is like watching college football. Not as clean and organized as pro ball, but it’s got guts, energy, and something to prove. Bravo, Mr. J, and Heavenly Creatures is a prime example of what we can achieve when we’re hungry. 

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