What movie was that...?

25 March 2010


directed by Ridley Scott

What can one say about Ridley Scott’s strange, sparkly, and surreal “fairy film” (his term)? I can say this: Tom Cruise, at this very moment, is probably still finding glitter in provocative regions of his anatomy that can be traced back to Legend. Cruise plays Jack, forest dweller and friend of all its creatures. Jack has a surprise for Princess Lily (an enchanting Mia Sara), and takes her to get a load of a pair of unicorns. Meanwhile, the Lord of Darkness (Tim Curry, topping, if that’s possible, his performance from The Rocky Horror Picture Show), desiring to cover the land in a second, eternal ice age, senses the presence of innocence and sends a lackey named Blix to kill the unicorns and kidnap the Princess. It’s a battle between good and evil, light and darkness, told in the only way Ridley Scott knows, and the result is a combo of eye candy and indefinably uncomfortable moments. But Mia Sara is the essence of loveliness, Tim Curry is the bee’s knees (again, nice terminology, Mr. S) and the young Cruise we see in Legend has his whole life ahead of him. If only someone could warn him about Scientology, and glibness. Stay away from the Hubbard, Tom! But you were amazing in Magnolia, and Vanilla Sky! But seriously, Scott’s film is visually stunning, as all R. Scott films are, and in Legend we glimpse Scott at his sappiest and, perhaps, most pure.
Recommendation: If you have the time, I highly recommend getting your double feature on with Legend and Jim Henson’s fantasy curio, Labyrinth, starring a young Jenifer Connolly and a David Bowie packing some serious heat (hint: check the crotch piece in his tights). Don’t look at it directly, or you’ll go blind.

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