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05 March 2010

Oscars 2010: Sunday Night Scamfest, The Quadrilogy

We're getting close, folks. Only a few more categories to go and my ulcer hasn't stopped working overtime.

Best Score:
Deserves it:  Fantastic Mr. Fox- Alexandre Desplat mixes whimsy with gusto that blends perfectly with Anderson’s vision. It’s cussing great!

Doesn’t deserve it: Sherlock Holmes- It’s no mystery what happened here. Elementary, my dear reader.  I can almost hear the scraping sound from the bottom of Hollywood’s barrel.

Screwed: Where the Wild Things Are- Karen O and Carter Burwell got jacked this year! Not even a Best Song nom. And Burwell was the aural madman responsible for A Serious Man! Let me tell you something, Academy. You’re suspect!
Marvin Hamlisch- The Informant! was a great film, and the soundtrack was one of the best things about that film. Too bad.

Best Original Song:
Deserves it: The Weary Kind- Ryan Bingham and T Bone Burnett craft a beautiful and simple song that seems to crystallize the entire film into one great moment.

Doesn’t deserve it: Randy Newman- Do I need to explain myself further?

Screwed: All is Love- I can’t even- too mad-
Karen O, I love you.
Also: What about nearly every song from the supremely excellent New Moon soundtrack? If awesomeness could be harnessed as energy, then that soundtrack alone could power a small town. I know that the movie sucked, but don’t blame the music.

Tomorrow will conclude my predictions slash feelings on the snoody, flawed affair we call the Oscars...

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