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23 March 2010

Out of A Forest

directed by Tobias Gundorff Boesen

Tobias Gundorff Boesen’s short film is like a kooky dreamed that turns into a very real and urgent nightmare. A story of a rabbit visiting his friends in the woods for some dinner and reminiscing turns into a bloody feast for a frightening wolf hell bent on scarfing every furry friend, including the rabbit himself. Blending real settings with stop motion, Boesen directs his short with immediacy, with balls, and that scene in the chase sequence when the wolf skids, and later when he takes a swipe at that tree are amazingly sweet. Hats off to Katrine Killerich, who animates the hell out of the darker sequences with gusto. The idea is clever, and the song is pretty cool. What else do you need?
Note: While we’re on the stop motion subject, be sure to check out the few clips for Yuri Norstein’s 30 year old (and still in progress) project, titled The Overcoat and based on a Nikolai Gogol story. If you’re like me, you find yourself comparing all things stop motion to Norstein’s impossibly high standard, so much so that your internal gauge reads “Yuri Norstein films, then everything else.” I’ve sang the praises of Suzie Templeton’s Peter and the Wolf, and even the Brothers Quay, but none of these examples can match the universally magical results Norstein achieves with every film. Each film on his resume represents the high water marks of animation. Please, pretty please, Mr. Norstein. We need- nevermind the pretension (and forgive the selfish request)- I need The Overcoat. I need it like a rose needs water. Wow, BC, did you just quote Sexy Beast in your plea for Yuri Norstein to finish The Overcoat?
Eff YouTube for making these parameters all funky. Why must you make the embed cut off part of the screen, YT? If you want to see the entire screen at once, check it out on their website.

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