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31 March 2010

Purple Rain

directed by Albert Magnoli

Prince, back when he was the artist currently known as Prince, rocks his way into the musical stratosphere (where only the most righteous can survive) in Albert Magnoli’s rock drama for the ages.  Prince bosses up as The Kid, hot shit warmup act to Morris Day and his band, The Time. If The Kid doesn’t shape up and play for the crowd, he could get the boot. Enter Apollonia, bright eyed and eager to make a name for herself, too. Should she let The Kid help her (since he’s soooo dreamy), or is she willing to let Morris help her, at any cost? Yeesh, I sound like the back of the video box, but this ridiculous and fun film showcases the sexy MF in his stage humping, androgynous, freaky, Revolution-y prime, complete with a stare that could set anyone’s loins aquiver. Yes, you heard me right. Not to mention that the film features one of the best soundtracks ever, Razzies be damned. 

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