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23 March 2010

Revolutionary Road

directed by Sam Mendes

I have been trying to avoid such obviously beautiful and snobbishly revered films much like Pee Wee avoided the snakes during his pet shop fire rescue in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, but I have to tip my cap to Revolutionary Road, expertly directed by Sam Mendes and geniusly acted by Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, Michael Shannon, Kathy Bates, Kathryn Hahn and David Harbour. Kate and Leo are together for the first time since their true love burned red hot, just not hot enough to melt the iceberg that killed poor Jack in Titanic, and this time around the honeymoon is over. Leo plays Frank Wheeler, unhappy business man and husband to wannabe actress April, played by the mesmerizing Kate Winslet. The pair move to their home on Revolutionary Road in hopes of starting fresh, and when they decide to call it quits in the states an move to Paris, all seems right with the world. Can the dream last? I’ll leave it to you find that out, but rest assured that all involved make magic of every scene. Leo, Kate and Michael Shannon, poor Michael Shannon whose tidal wave performance was snubbed by the Academy a few years back when they gave the award to a former great. There, I said it. He deserved the Oscar over Heath Ledger, and if Ledger still had a pulse during award season, he wouldn’t have won that little golden guy. Now, if the torch bearing mob could please assemble in an orderly mass to the left of my house so that the film geek lynchers avec pitch forks can huddle near the right side, I would appreciate it. But all kidding aside, Revolutionary Road follows a dark and melancholy path, and somehow, just when you think it’s as depressing as it’s gonna get, Mendes unleashes the final scene like a whimper that leaves you utterly devastated. 

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