What movie was that...?

09 March 2010


directed by Paul Verhoeven

Paul Verhoeven’s ballbuster of a film is an ultra-violent souvenir from the 1980s, complete with all the smarmy and slick trappings of a cocaine addled prediction of Detroit’s future. Let’s be clear, the D’s not as bad they thought it would be, a possible location for the next John Carpenter Escape From film. Peter Weller plays officer Murphy, a good cop who gets gunned to pieces. But it’s the near and frightening future, and they have the technology, so they rebuild Murphy with robot parts and turn him into a part robot, part cop. A RoboCop. Call him what you want, Weller is still badass as hell, tracking down the bad guys responsible. You would do well to find the unrated cut of the film (back in the day, it was the Rated X version) to really appreciate what Verhoeven was dealing with. It’s blood and guts, bullets and mayhem. Action sans the pesky conscience other films grapple with.

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