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09 April 2010

Across the Universe

directed by Paul Thomas Anderson

Set the hot tub to the late 90s, or just check the special features on your DVD copy of Pleasantville for a glimpse of Paul Thomas Anderson trying his hand at a music video, Fiona Apple’s cover of Across the Universe. Not quite the harmonium sequences from his stellar film, Punch Drunk Love, Anderson shows a flare for the dramatic, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is the way in which Anderson can hardly takes his lens off of a radiant and serene Fiona Apple, songstress with whom he was involved with at the time. Though I don’t have much to go on given Anderson’s camera shy nature, I’m sure it was a crazy love, a strange love made all the more brilliant by its craziness. Anderson follows Apple like a fixated lover, desperate to fill his senses with her very essence, straying for only moments throughout to capture the violence of ignorance, or simply losing her by virtue of her coyness. It’s really quite touching. There is something about Fiona Apple that draws you in, makes you wonder, and Anderson seeks to convey that mystique, to bottle it, to capture it and file it for posterity. And is that John C Reilly plundering the jukebox?

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