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11 April 2010

All That Heaven Allows

directed by Douglas Sirk

Jane Wyman plays Carrie, widowed suburban woman whose hots for Walden loving arborist Ron Kirby (the ever handsome Roc Hudson) force her to choose between her shallow social scene and true love. Carrie is torn and doesn’t know what to do, and Ron just wants her to be a man, but only in that one way (I couldn’t help the joke, folks, or the stellar move quote. Desolee), and to be comfortable with defying the “norms” set forth by her peers. Meanwhile, Ron’s friend advises him that “women don’t want to make up their minds. They want their minds made up for them,” and that he should will her to love him more. Amid the convention of 50’s society, Sirk tries to break it, with mixed results. Some of it seems adorably out of touch and backward, but what endures is the story of two people who love for love’s sake, not for gain or acceptance. And who would turn down a chance to watch Jane Wyman worry and Roc Hudson smolder? 

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