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20 April 2010

House of Cards (A Radiohead music video)

directed by James Frost

Using 3D plotting technology instead of cameras and lighting, James Frost creates a visually mesmerizing feast for Radiohead’s aurally mesmerizing song, House of Cards. Airy and surreal, Thom Yorke croons in his way while Frost crafts an ethereal yarn about domestic sexiness that haunts and rolls. Utilizing a delicious color palette that seems eerily familiar (IBM, I’m looking at you, for your new commercials are extraordinary, but I think I know where your inspiration came from.), Frost’s music video is a logical step for Radiohead, but for everyone else it would be a leap into the unknown. Radiohead has always been ahead of the curve, so why not use 3D plotting technology instead of traditional equipment? I mean come on. Cameras? What are they, animals? In the amazing doc, For All Mankind, the astronauts talked about being able to bring up with them a record of their choosing. I’d bring Kid A, no doubt.

What record would you take to space?

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